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If you’ve considered investing in property in Central America, you probably know that some countries in the region have drawn much more attention from foreign investors than others.


Property, for example, has been popular for many years in Belize, which falls into two areas, Mainland and the Island. For year my people flocked to the island of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. Now there are more investments in the coastal areas of Stan Creek and Todeo. With the US dollar still linked to the Belize currency at a rate of 2 to 1 Belize is always a safe bet. The country is developing more and more options for the foreigner to invest in Belize. Remember that Belize is still a tax haven. Currently, property transfer taxes are at 10%, and attorney fees usually equal 2%, including miscellaneous expenses.

Costa Rica
and Mexico .

Buying property in Costa Rica and Mexico, for example, has been popular among Americans and Europeans for decades. Lots of people who bought in the up-and-coming areas 20 years ago have been able to sell their properties for 5, 10, even 20 times what they paid for them. Each country has plenty of beautiful regions. After so many years of popularity, however, lots of spots have been built up to the point of being gaudy, and the potential for return on investment has diminished. On top of this, corruption and security problems have always plagued these countries.


Panama really came on the scene in the last five years, with Panama City attracting lots of capital into its banking industry and property market. Areas like the Azuero peninsula and the Bocas del Toro archipelago have intriguing property frontiers, and infrastructure throughout the country is improving. Opportunities still exist but, with the run-up in prices, buying now should be done with caution.


For years now,  Nicaragua have been advertised as great places to retire. It’s true, the cost of living is low and real estate is cheap. Some lots south Pacific Coast are definitely tempting investments, as is a beautiful beach or freah water lake. Prices are bound to rise over time but probably won’t be going off the chart any time soon. Neither of these countries are on their way to becoming major world players, and demand for real estate from the local population isn’t exactly overwhelming.
map_of_central-america-pah-holdingsOur aim at PAH-Holdings ( Pan American Highway) is to provide you and ourselves a solid property platform throughout Central America & Mexico.

We have registered offices in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico, with our head office in Belize.

This give us a great insight into othe property markets and with a team of Lawyers, Title Company’s and Financial Advisor’s we have it covered.


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