Inspection Visits to Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Thailand & Belize, Fly and Buy

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PAH HOLDINGS LTD offers the unique opportunity for potential buyers to come and visit BELIZE, COSTA RICA, MEXICO, Thailand Panama or Nicaragua to see for yourself, in person, all of our villas and apartment developments!

Once you decide to purchase any of our villas or apartments or preconstruction, we will reimburse or discount from the total purchase price up to US$3,500 of your travel costs, including flight and up to 5 nights at any of resorts in the local area, for 2 persons, with all inclusive covered. This is a prefect time for the USA and Canadain Snowbirds to pop down and check out our propertys.

This also gives you a free consultation with one of our professional real estate representatives, who will make you become familiar with our real estate properties, our company, and the amenities we offer.

We will also include a free consultation with our lawyer, for any legal concerns or questions that you may have.

All of your investment and real estate related questions will be answered, guaranteed!!

  • Transportation from the local airport, to your resort by our staff
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Consultation with our Lawyer
  • Free tickets for two persons to a local attraction
  • Free promotion pack
  • Meal for two at top local restuarant 2 persons

Some companys may referrer to Inspection Visits as Fly and Buy programs most of these are timeshare and you should check the company out first.

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