The Peak Cambodia is a sanctuary of luxury with High rental guarantee up to 8 – 10% per annum

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The Peak Cambodia is a sanctuary of luxury in the clouds rising 55 stories into the sky. An entire new level of living initiates an existence as the choicest picks of homes, shops, eateries, workplaces and the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel blended into integrated mixed-use development like no other. Having the same craved location as the Shangri-La Hotel is a sign of qualification, and all its tasteful eateries, bars and dance halls are at your doorstep.

With the luxurious Shangri-La hotel next door, you will enjoy world class service amidst tranquil surroundings, coupled with inspirational architecture and design. From the finest dining to business lounges and spa experiences, it will ensure that every palate is pampered.

This freehold iconic development in Phnom Penh is developed by public listed Singapore developer, Oxley Holdings.

Best apartment and grade A office in Cambodia, Phnom Penh. High rental guarantee up to 8 – 10% per annum.

We at PAH Holdings LTD can now offer this property in our Property Inspection Visit Program. (Fly and Buy Program)

How it works.


If you are looking to purchase a property in the beautiful country of Cambodia for maybe an investment, holiday home in Phnom Penh and the surrounding areas. Dont what to waste money on Flights and Accommodation, then we would suggest a home – property inspection visit for you to view the area. We think at PAH Holdings LTD this viewing trip would be an essential part of your planning process.


Unlike other companies we do not believe in cheap viewing trips “jolly jaunts”  or  “chain and ball” viewings as they are known within the industry. If you are serious about wanting to buy a property in Phnom Penh then we believe you should not be penalised with the price you could be potentially paying for your property, by subsidising those people who are just over here for “a few days away” or “to have a look”.

Many companies work on the pretence that they will offer free accommodation, free flights and transfers to potential purchasers, with the idea that if some of the visiting clients buy their inflated overpriced houses, these sales will cover the cost of those clients who do not buy.


Be aware that you may end up potentially worse off in the end, with high pressure salesmen who’s next pay cheque is based on, if you buy or do not buy one of their inflated priced properties to cover their costs of your visit and an itinerary that ties you to the ball and chain “agent”.


PAH Holdings LTD are a real estate company built on traditional family values and we believe your viewing trip to Phnom Penh should be specifically organised for you to take advantage of our vast knowledge of the area and the properties but without the high pressure sales tactics.


YOU our clients are so important to us! and we are so passionate about our little oasis in the sun that we want to share it with you. We would like to offer you with no ties attached our full range of services, from inland and coastal property sales, pre construction, right through to beachfront lots sales and legal and financial services.

We can help you with preferred rate accommodation, car hire and we are happy to source flights from your chosen airport to Phnom Penh airport. If you purchase a property from us while on your Home – Property inspection Visit through PAH Holdings LTD on this visit, we will REFUND you up to 2500$ USD* towards the cost of the property to you as a big thank you for purchasing through our company.

(Please note the accommodation offer is subject to availability and may be limited through July and August) Please remember to book a Home – Property Inspection Visit using the form below which will be sent to our Phnom Penh real Estate division to confirm your proposed dates prior to booking your flights.)


  1. Contact us with your requirments.
  2. Book a Home – Property inspection visit via our website.
  3. Book and pay for your Flights and Hotel.
  4. Bring the proof of purchase of Flights and Hotel
  5. Purchase a property
  6. Have a refund or discount to the max amount of $2500 USD

More info about The Peak Condos.

The Peak Apartment in Cambodia, Phnom Penh

  • Total 2 towers beside Shangri-La Hotel
  • Total 1014 units
  • Total rental guarantee 12% nett
  • Choice of units studio – 3 bedroom

The Peak Residential Rental Guarantee

  • Year 1 – 2: 6% nett per annum
  • Total rental guarantee 12%

The Peak Grade A Office in Cambodia, Phnom Penh

  • Below Shangri-La Hotel
  • Total 250 units
  • Total rental guarantee up to 36% nett
  • Size range from 43 – 690 sqm

The Peak Office Rental Guarantee

  • Year 1 – 2: 8% nett per annum
  • Year 3 – 4: 10% nett per annum (Renewal subject to mutual agreement between developer and owner)
  • Total rental guarantee 36%

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