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As virgin real estate and  properties become discovered by the world, PAH Holdings has seen the demand for pre construction bringing record numbers of investors and buyers to this market. From BelizeMexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua we have several projects you may be interested in.

Some are coming with their knowledge and their monies which they reaped from their wise investments in other parts of the world such as the Las Vegas and Florida real estate markets. Now, the savy real estate investors, with the slow down and correction of the American markets, are broadening their sites into new developing and rising markets.  In this new century with the more open global market community, international investing does not seem that adventurous as the years before to many of the local real estate experts throughout US, Canada and UK.  Mexico waterfront real estate is a logical top option.

Here in Mexico, the markets are not as mature as those from Canada, UK, nor of the USA. The same regulations do not apply here in Mexico as those from our home countries. Some people see this as a half empty glass, others, as a half full glass. Less regulation, more risk, but much larger potential for greater returns!

*Always Do your homework. PAH Holdings have a team of experts that will help you through the process.

*Surround yourself with qualified people. Very true remember this is your investment and your moneuy.

*Manage the risk and reap the rewards . First in Last out does not always work. Call for a Free consultation.

Over the past 10 years, the Mexico preconstruction condo process has changed as more developers have appeared on the oceanfronts.  In the early years, various local developers were the options available to the early international investor pioneers here in Mexico.  Soon, regional and national players started investing into raw plots of land seeing the signs that large numbers of international end users were flocking to the Mexico Beaches.  Today, we are in phase one of large multi national developers placing their footprint signatures along specific neighborhoods throughout Mexico.  You the investor, are in a phase of investment here in Mexico very unique, in that you can find a variety of Mexico Preconstruction condo options.

We offer a Inspection Visit so you may see where the property is to be built and Also install webs cams on site to allow you to see the progress of your investment.

1)   $10,000 – 20,000 usd to reserve a specific unit

2)   30% – 50% of the total condo unit value is paid to the developer with signatures of the promissory contracts made by a lawyer.

3)   payments to the developer are paid at set points in the build throughout the construction period

4)   upto 90% of the unit is paid with the physical delivery of the Mexico condo unit

5)   the remaining 10% is paid with the legal delivery of the condo

6) Closing costs paid when you are happy with the completed condo.
As outlined above, soon, regional and national players started to give more purchasing options.  The price might increase a few percentage points as the larger developers had greater cash flows, but this would be reflected back into the final price of the unit.  such payment schedules might include:
Finally, with the introducton of several American and European mega developers, their large deep pockets have opened up the market to more accesible payment schedules.  But as we know, risk controls cost money, and these are transferred into the price per square meter.

1)    $15,000 – $20,000 usd to reserve

2)    30% of the totla condo unit value paid to the developer, and sometimes to escrow

3)    No payment needed during the construction period

4)    The remaining 70% is paid with the legal and physical delivery of the Mexico preconstruction condo.

5)    Some developers, will then offer in – house financing to kick in at this point offering from 1 years upto 3 year financing.

6) Some as we do off a 2 year ROI of upto 7%
The above payment schedules are all guidelines and we can find a variety of payment plan options, and a variety of developers throughout Mexico.  Some have conditions set in stone, others are flexible in negotiation.

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