About Us

PAH Holdings. is a niche agency servicing medium to large businesses across North America through the design and management of unique customer acquisition and customer experience programs that measurably move prospects and customers along the customer life cycle.

Core Services:

Lead Generation - Influence Marketing - Web Design & Development - Enhancing Customer Experience - Lead Generation - Influence Marketing - Web Design & Development - Loyalty & Advocacy Programs and much much more...

With PAH Holdings CS-Direct Platform, our experienced team designs customer acquisition programs that target and convert qualified and highly convertible sales leads. We then continue to engage newly acquired and existing customers post purchase with customer experience programs designed to convert customers into loyal customers and loyal customers into advocates, which further enhances the qualified sales funnel.
Our team is comprised of sales, marketing, and technology personnel, most of whom have been working together for over 15 years during which time they’ve designed, developed and managed over 1800 digital projects for companies around the world.

Clients we’ve helped include:
ECHO - LifeWire - Acura - IBM - Capital One - Parks Canada - E*Trade - Fit First Technologies

3 Simple stages we can help you inprove

The first area that you have to master so that your online marketing strategy is complete and functional is that of web analytics . And, yes, I am aware that it is not exactly an area of ​​online marketing, but, due to its importance, it has to be present here.
The next area that you have to master when doing online marketing for an ecommerce is PPC and Facebook Ads . Of course, any other online advertising platform is worth a try, but personally I have had the best experiences with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.
The next recommended area of ​​online marketing is automated email marketing. And I consider the word "automated" important, because my way of understanding email marketing is as a form of subscriber education without having to constantly dedicate too much work to it.

Our Staff

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